Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AMD Ditches the ATI Brand

Just as AMD’s upcoming Fusion APU’s eliminate the need for a dedicated ATI graphics card, the company has decided it no longer needs the ATI name either. From now on their flagship GPUs will be branded simply “AMD  Radeon”, although existing models will still carry the ATI logo. The change probably doesn't mean much for you, beyond some packaging and ATI-free badges on your computers. But for AMD as a company, it’s a sign of the times.

Logos after the rebrand
Here's their logic behind the rebranding, the ATI name is well known and has a strong association with graphics products. So why ditch those three little letters now, when they've taken AMD so far? The company is promoting a Fusion future , and pushing a new kind of product. By bringing all their components under a single company name, it’s likely that AMD is hoping to alleviate confusion among consumers. And by keeping the Radeon and FirePro lines, AMD’s market research says they get to hold on to the brand recognition that ATI developed. 

On another note, it seems that the upcoming APU products are undergoing a name change of their own, as “Fusion” will be going the way of the “Nintendo Revolution.” Instead of continuing under the banner we’ve known them by, AMD’s APUs will be consolidated under the AMD Vision branding introduced last fall.

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  1. If you ask me, I think ATI Radeon sounds better.

  2. Ultimately I guess it doesn't change much but it is a big change none the less.

  3. hi bro, nice post today..
    i'll sure keep coming to check the news
    so bring that shit up!
    also, i might post about that thing i told you tomorrow
    be sure to check it out
    take care :)

  4. Good thing, ATI sucks anyway. Too bad AMD does so also.

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