Saturday, August 28, 2010

XFX Launches The Mother Of All Limited Editions

XFX has quite literally come out guns blazing with its latest ATI card, no doubt in an attempt to gun down any current or future Fermi based Nvidia cards. The card comes with what has to be one of the coolest cases ever (take that ASUS), yes what you see below is in fact a highly detailed plastic model of the FN P90 SMG designed to house the ultra high spec 5970.

Aside from the awesome case the 5970 Limited Black Edition bundle also comes with a LAN bag for holding peripherals. Also included are six mini display port to HDMI(4) and DVI(2) adaptors, crossfirex bridge and the usual stickers, manuals, etc which are packaged in boxes made to look like ammo clips for your new gun. The level of detail on XFX's part is amazing.

The card itself will pack a serious punch with two R870 cores clocked at 850MHz, add to that the 4GB (yep, 4) of GDDR5 memory on a 512 bit bus and we can expect some good huge frame rates. The two cores are also placed further apart on the custom PCB than a stock 5970, with each having its own dedicated heat sink. This should keep the card cool and quiet even under extreme load and give you some nice headroom for overclocking. The card will also be capable of ATI's multiple monitor set up, Eyefinity 6, with six mini display ports on the back of the card.

ASUS's recent 5970, Ares, has similar specifications and boasts a 32% performance increase over a stock 5970. The Ares also costs about $1200 so for those that can afford it it should be priced at over $1000, a small fortune to part with for the pinnacle of graphics processing power.

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